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What Is Piracetam?

According to wikipedia ”Piracetam’s chemical name is  2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide” and it is a “derivative of GABA”. GABA also known as Gamma Aminobutyric acid is a neurotransmitter in the mammalian (aka humans) central nervous system and helps the development of the brain. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body.

Piracetam would be considered one of the first ‘nootropic’ drugs that is part of the ‘racetams’ family that can affect your mental function.In animal testing as well as healthy human volunteers, Piracetam has shown to improve the efficiency of the telencephalic functions of the brain involved in learning and memory.

Piracetam works by increasing the blood flow between the two hemispheres of your brain. As you may know, the right side of the brain is more visual oriented  and tends to view information as a whole rather than the individual details.

The left side of the brain processes information more logically and in sequences, assisting with your everyday functions like speaking, reading and writing. Hence the left brain is useful in analyzing information. Taking in the fact that Piracetam helps transmits information to your brain, it is logical to assume that the increase blood flow between the two spheres of your brain may aid in higher mental performance.

Reported Benefits of Piracetam

  • Enhanced cognitive functions of the brain such as memory improvement, Increase attention and intelligence.
  • A noticeable burst of energy in both speech, movement and overall energy output for the day
  • Increased blood flow between two hemispheres of the brain
  • Protect brain tissue from physical insults & chemical abrasions like alcohol damage
  • In testing, Piracetam has shown to facilitate learning and memory of animals whose brain function had been compromised or damage
  • Elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from improve cognitive functions
  • In a test of elderly drivers, the Piracetam treated drivers showed an improvement of driving ability from 77% to 84.16%.
  • I personally experienced enhanced peripheral vision like your watching tv on the wide screen
  • Taking fish oil with Piracetam will enhance and create vivid dreams or lucid dreaming where it seems like your watching a 3d movie

Piracetam Side Effects

Personally having tried Piracetam, I can comfortably say that it DOES NOT have any negative side effects.  Again, we’re all different so it’s worthwhile  to mention other user experiences so that you can understand how Piracetam affects others:

  • Headaches: Piracetam is usually taken with Choloine bitartrate which is found in sources of meat like beef and chicken. So if you’re not a big meat eater, make sure you’re taking Choline to minimise the effects of headaches.
  • Deprived of Emotion: Some users have reported that they were cognitively stimulated and mentally aware however were emotionally dull. If you already have pre-existing mental disorders or repressed memories, Piracetam can highlight these issues more.
  • Alcohol resilience: I doubt this is true but some have mentioned that they have become more resilient to alcohol. Getting drunk without being ‘pissed’  just rings Alcohol Anonymous alarm bells.
  • Dry mouths and lips: some piracetam users would not their lips would go dry a few hours after piracetam
  • Overdoing it: this wouldn’t be a side effect IF you take the right dosage however every now and again, you get some idiot thinking “the more the better” and take more than required. Over time, taking large daily doses of Piracetam will enhance the “emotionally dull” aspect.

How To Use Piracetam – Dosage & Stack

As a general rule – Dosages from 400mg to 4800mg are considered safe.

Disclaimer first up, this is not medical advice so consult your own medical practitioner if you’re unsure. All over the internet, guys and gals are reporting different dosages and how to stack their Piracetam with Choline Bitrate. The suggested dosage below is based on the general consensus of what other users are taking.

For learning disabilities: 50mg per kg of body weight (50mg per 2.2 lbs of body weight)

For cognitive enhancement: Adults can take up to 4000 to 8000 mg for the first three days. After 3 days, reduce dosage to 2,400 — 4,800 mg per day, in three divided doses.

For neuroprotective effects:  Adults take 2400mg in three divided doses

Again stay away from alcohol, mixing any supplement with alcohol is a recipe for disaster.

As previously mentioned, meat sources like beef, chicken, eggs will have sufficient choline bitartrate but if you’re not a massive meat eater, adding choline bitartrate will help avoid headaches. Alot of people forgo taking choline bitartrate and experience brain fogginess and headaches so you’ve been warned.

Piracetam Review From An Actual User

Where To Buy Piracetam

There’s alot of places online where you can buy Piracetam and Choline Bitartrate, however some are sellers add fillers. Pure Piracetam can be bought from the below reputable sellers:

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